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September 18, 2015by Darryl Bledsoe

Investment Property LoansCalifornia, September 18, 2015 — Very recently, unveiled a stated loan program for Investment property loans and investor mortgage loans for borrowers with 30% down or 30% equity. Loans for investment property are ideal for investors who want to avoid the long underwriting process of income verification. The stated loan requirements are streamlined and simple: non-owner occupied properties up to 4 units, FICO score of 600 or better, 30% down payment for purchase, 30% equity for a refinance. provides investment property loans to borrowers who want to avoid the delays of lengthy underwriting and income verification. offers cash out refinances and real estate investment loans for purchases, with loans up to $3 millions. provides stated income loans for borrowers purchasing or refinancing Investment property, provided that the property is not more than 4 units, and non owner occupied.

At, the loans for investment property that we provide are ideal for self-employed borrowers with strong cash flow, but low reported income. offers loans with streamlined underwriting; no income verification, and no tax returns. makes it quick and easy to get through the qualification process. Most loans are pre-approved on the first call, and fully underwritten approvals are often finalized in less than 72 hours, without the tedious and lengthy qualification procedures required by conventional lenders. offers investor mortgage loans that are tailored to borrowers who want a quick and easy approval. With the no doc mortgage loans, income documents are not required for final approval. has experienced agents that know how get a loan funded; we provide our clients with quick approvals for investment property loans and streamlined underwriting. Many loans are funded within 30 days from the date of pre-approval. Call and talk to our agents about getting approved for a real estate investment loan today.

Lender that Approved Investment Property Loans
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