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September 25, 2015by Darryl Bledsoe

No Tax Returns Mortgage LoansIf you are self employed with low reported income, or looking for a mortgage that makes it possible to qualify with a low credit score, stated income loans could be the answer. If you are trying to overcome your past credit issues, can help you get back on track with our low credit score mortgage loans. If you are looking to buy or refinance a house and have a bad credit score, call us to get qualify for our low credit requirement mortgage loan.

The economy has changed and loan guidelines continue to change to make it easier for borrowers to qualify for low FICO and stated loans. With the improving economy, investors can now get a mortgage loan even though they have low credit scores. These mortgage loans for low credit scores are available without the strict underwriting requirements of a conventional loan. The qualifications for the loan are very straightforward. You will need 30% equity or 30% down payment. The property is not use for owner occupied. And you can have as low as low 600 credit scores and still able to qualify for the loan. For detail requirement, call us and our loan agent can tell you right away what you will need to qualify for a mortgage loans for low credit scores.

How to Get a Mortgage Loan with Low Credit Score?

Getting a mortgage with a low credit score is very quick and simple at You only need a FICO credit score of 600 or more, with enough savings or equity to make a down payment or refinance up to 70% of the home value. offers stated loans for non owner occupied properties up to 4 units, with loan limits up to $2 million.

With low credit score loans at, you won’t need to verify your income. This is what is called a Stated Income Loan and no income statements or documents are needed to qualify. We know how to get you approved quickly and easily. With a Stated Income Loan, the approval process is streamlined. Your income statements are not required at all with this mortgage loan for low credit scores, as long as there is enough savings for a down payment on a purchase, or enough equity in the case of a refinance.

If you have been turned down for a conventional home loan, call us and get approve with our mortgage loans for low credit scores. To qualify for a loan from OK Mortgage you only need a FICO score rating of 600. Low credit score mortgage loans are a great option for borrowers that have been hit hard by the economy. If you are self employed or have low reported income then low credit mortgage loans might be the answer to your problems.

We Approve Mortgage Loans for Low Credit Scores

Call us today and our mortgage loan agent will guide you on how to get a Low Credit Score mortgage loan. We can get you approved quickly and easily. We offer pre-approvals on the first call and fully underwritten approvals for qualify borrowers within 72 hour.

Mortgage Loans for Low Credit Scores
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