We Approve Stated Income Mortgage Loans for Investment Property Purchase

Mortgage Loans for Self Employed

We approve mortgage loans for self employed borrowers that do not have 2 years of verified income. To get a quick loan approval Call

(818) 987-2760

We Do Not Require Proof of Income for Your Loan Approval!

Self employed individual can now borrow up to three millions dollars for investment property purchases or refinancing. We do not require any tax return documents for your loan approval!

At QkMortgage.com, we make loan approval quickly and easy. We approve mortgage loans based on borrowers’ stated income, we do not base your qualification upon tax returns or income documents.

Requirements for Stated Mortgage Loan Approval:

  • 30% down payment for purchases [10% of that down payment can be gift funds from family members or friends]
  • 30% equity for refinancing [appraisals required]
  • FICO score of 600 or better to approve your self employed mortgage loans.
  • Loan minimum of $125,000 and maximum available up to $3 million.
  • The purchase/refinance property should be non-owner occupied – Stated Income Loans are mainly approved for investment properties, with some exceptions for second homes.

Loan Approval Within 72 Hours

At QKMortgage.com, we pre-approve loans on the first call. We have approved and closed many self employed mortgage loans for borrowers who are looking to purchase, refinance, or invest in real estate without the hassle of providing income documents or tax returns.

To get pre-approval for your mortgage loan call 

(818) 987-2760

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