We provide no income verification mortgage loans for investors to refinance non owner occupy homes. No tax documents required to verify your income.

No Income Verification MortgageCalifornia, Sept 17, 20015 — Now, with QKMortgage.com, borrowers have the opportunity to buy and refinance homes without having to show tax returns or verification of financial account.

QKmortgage.com now provides stated mortgage loans for borrowers without any verification of income. It has become much easier now to qualify for a loan with QKMortgage.com under the less stringent guidelines of the stated loan program.

Qualifying for a stated income loan is very streamlined, there are only 3 basic requirements:

  1. 30% equity for refi or 30% down payment for purchase
  2. Non owner occupied property [up to 4 units]
  3. FICO over 600

QKMortgage.com allows people to buy or refinance non-owner occupied homes with a sated loan without having to verify income. The QKMortgage.com stated program is ideal for self-employed borrowers and investors with good cash flow, but low reported earnings on tax returns.

The process to get loan for mortgaging or buying homes is very efficient. Most borrowers are pre-approved on the first call. QKMortgage.com has more demand for no income verification home loans , however borrowers are also considered for conventional loans with better rates and terms, whenever possible. QKMortgage.com offers pre-approvals on the first call, and final approvals within 72 hours.

Most stated loans are available with limits up to 2 million dollars without any tax returns or verified financials. In addition, QKMortgage.com does not charge a penalty for re-financing into another loan program after 3 years.

QKMortgage.com approves stated loans for non-occupied owner properties, however those calling about owner occupied properties may have other options. For borrowers who do not have W2 or consistent income, QKMortgage.com offers stated income loans in which the borrower can quickly qualify for a loan up to 2 million dollars. Call and talk to a QKMortgage.com stated income loan agent to discuss the hassle free loan solution. QKMortgage.com helps borrowers to quickly qualify for loans by streamlining the underwriting process, and eliminating the hassle of income verification. With the QKMortgage.com stated loan program: borrowers can easily and quickly qualify for the no income verification mortgage or the no income verification home refinance. Now, buying a house is quick and easy.

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