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Stated Income Loan CaliforniaAre you looking for a mortgage loan that does not require proof of income? Our Stated Income Loan California program does not require work history, income tax documents, or any other income verification.  The stated income mortgage loans have a low requirement for approval with high loan limits.

We are experienced no doc mortgage lenders. Our main goal is to help you get the best mortgage loan within the shortest period time possible.  Most pre-approvals are immediate, with loans usually funding in under 30 days.

What Is Stated Income Loans California

This is a type of loan where verification of income (such as pay stubs, tax returns and verification of employment) is not required.  As such, it is a very desirable loan for self-employed borrowers.

Stated Income Loans In California Requirement

To qualify for the Stated Income Loan California program you will need to have the following:

  1. Credit score of 600 (FICO 600)
  2. 30% down payment
  3. Property must be non-owner occupied.

Benefits of Stated Income Loan in California

  • Short turnaround time. You can obtain an immediate pre-approval, with most loans funding in less than 30 days.
  • You can qualify for the stated income mortgage loan with a 600 FICO score
  • High loan limits. With QKMortgage loan lenders, you can borrow up to $3 million with no proof of income required. The minimum loan amount is $125,000.
  • Although 30% down payment required, 10% of it may to come from gift funds.

How to Apply for Stated Income Loan California

The easiest way to apply for stated income loan in California is by call and talk to our loan agents that specialize in funding stated income loans. We make the funding process very easy and quick.

Who WE Are has an outstanding reputation making it an ideal stated income loan lender for people in search of any stated income mortgage loan. At no upfront cost, you will get your loan approval in 72 hours. For more information on how to apply a stated income home loans California, contact us. The advise is free and the process is easy.

Stated Income Loan California Are Back: Here is How to Apply
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